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I believe that each of us is on a journey back to discovering we are all connected ... like individual drops of salt water are to the ocean, we are ONE. Each individual's time and path is unique and totally perfect. I am sharing some resources here which were helpful to me on my path, particularly prior to unfolding to my abilities and True Self. Each of these in its own way may feel like a key to finding your way home, or may be a catalyst to your finding something else. Be always open and curious!

If you'd like to share resources with me, please visit and post to my HealingResonanceLlc facebook page or write to me from the Contact page. Blessings on your journey! Let me know how I can be of service. Much love, Kristi

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Journey with the Master ~ Eva Bell Weber

I have recommended this book to a number of clients ... actually thought it was already on my LIKES list. I read this book when I was in my "sponge phase" of reading spiritual material on a daily basis. I think I will take it out and read some of the passages.

This writing contains so many beautiful Truths and what we all crave, unconditional love. I would recommend it to you, no matter where you think you are on Your Path. There is surely something in here that will make you feel better about yourself.

God is not separate from you; you are part of God ... just as the drop of sea water is one with the ocean. The Christ Consciousness is innate and seeded in us all! Open yourself to believing your unbounded, Divine perfection and potential. I see you <3

Monday, January 15, 2018

"Spiritual Growth ~ Being Your Higher Self" by Sanaya Roman

I just went to send a link to a client to this resource and discovered it wasn't here!?! This book was very helpful for me when I was on focused path of reading external material to connect internally. Sounds like a loop, but I think we do this.

We reach outside ourselves ... perhaps we have to ... until we find that connection within. Read, explore, connect. As was true for me, at some point you will trust the Truths that spring forth from within the Self ... Truths already there awaiting your return.

As I open the book today, these consecutive two paragraphs call to be shared. These are just a few words in a volume of Truths:

"You will be amazed at the power of one person focused on his own growth to transform the people he spends time with. One man went to work in an office where everyone, stressed and hurried, ate candy and unhealthy snacks all day. At first he found himself criticizing them, then he began eating the same kinds of food himself. One day, unhappy over his increasing lack of energy and rapid weight gain, he decided to start eating healthy food and brought interesting, healthy snack with him every day. Soon, others were asking him about what he was eating. Over a period of several months many people in the office started eating healthier snacks. He never preached, criticized, or tried to get them to change. He taught them by example.

"There is no one 'right' way to grow. There are many paths to enlightenment and God. See what is beautiful in every person's path, in every religion, and in every belief system. Honor other people's paths even if they are different from yours. Be inclusive and loving, and look beyond the form of people's beliefs to the essence. There is no one right way; there is only the way that is right for you. There is something unique, perfect, and beautiful in every culture, in every system of belief. Look for what you have in common with others and accept and love those who are on different paths."

Amen! Thank you Orin via Sanaya Roman for helping me and "others" within the One on this journey!