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I believe that each of us is on a journey back to discovering we are all connected ... like individual drops of salt water are to the ocean, we are ONE. Each individual's time and path is unique and totally perfect. I am sharing some resources here which were helpful to me on my path, particularly prior to unfolding to my abilities and True Self. Each of these in its own way may feel like a key to finding your way home, or may be a catalyst to your finding something else. Be always open and curious!

If you'd like to share resources with me, you may write to me from the contact page of my site. Blessings on your journey! Let me know how I can be of service ... a private session will help you accelerate toward more and better! Much love, Kristi

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Kore Healing (sm) with Kristi Healing & Empowerment Session Mp3s

There are individuals who have expressed an interest in working with me beyond the wealth of free resources I offer on my site, and yet they want to "try" my energy before committing to a Perspective Reboot® session. Therefore, I am offering several targeted distance healing sessions available on demand. The lengths of the sessions are typically 1 hour and I suggest that you set aside at least 1.5 hours so that we may have the session without interruption. A catalog of offerings is here:

Kore Healingsm with Kristi

You experience the session as if we are together on the call, live in the group of others with similar concerns who sat for the recording of this session. Perspective Reboot® re-patterning work and love-based energy healing will come to you throughout the session. You are encouraged to write down what's troublesome prior to the session and keep a journal close by to note affirmations and insights which might come to you as particularly powerful during our session.

Please read additional information on the above "Kore Healing" section of my site. Titles and focus includes the healing, clearing, balancing the seven major chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown chakra) as well as a title for Breast Wellness, Shoulder pain/stress, and Inner Peace.

If you'd like to be a part of one of my upcoming Live Group Sessions, if available, please sign up for my email list HERE or see what's upcoming on THIS PAGE.

Love and light,
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