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I believe that each of us is on a journey back to discovering we are all connected ... like individual drops of salt water are to the ocean, we are ONE. Each individual's time and path is unique and totally perfect. I am sharing some resources here which were helpful to me on my path, particularly prior to unfolding to my abilities and True Self. Each of these in its own way may feel like a key to finding your way home, or may be a catalyst to your finding something else. Be always open and curious!

If you'd like to share resources with me, you may write to me from the contact page of my site. Blessings on your journey! Let me know how I can be of service ... a private session will help you accelerate toward more and better! Much love, Kristi

Friday, October 29, 2021

Animal Speak Pocket Guide by Ted Andrews

Animal Speak Pocket Guide by Ted Andrews

Becoming aware of the animal, insect, and bird messengers of life has opened my spirit and soul on many levels. I love this book because it is compact, succinct, and powerful. Here is an example of the type of information that is conveyed by the late Ted Andrews:

Blue Jay (choose wisely) ~ Be careful of choices you make. Choose so others do not get hurt. Don't be afraid. Stay with choices you have made.

©2009 Ted Andrews. Dragonhawk Publishing.

I'd like to note that there is another version of Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. I also have that book but find this quick reference more useful. While it doesn't go as indepth as the other, this quick, concise approach serves as a jumping point from which we can gain our own expanded insights based upon what we are noticing and experiencing.

Lovingly, Kristi

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